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HFS Push Pull Tool Size 90″


HFS Push Pull Tool

HFS Push Pull Tool Size 24″


About US

HFS – Hands Free Safety Solutions, based in Singapore, is a manufacturing company that specializes in advanced safety solutions. Our solutions include innovative solutions such as Pallet Safety Solutions, Push Pull Tools for effortless load maneuvering, slings designed for the convenient transfer of motors, valves, and pumps, as well as the snare tool for efficient pipe handling, among many others. We pride ourselves on producing a wide range of specialized safety products for the Heavy Engineering Industries and more.

Our Mission

Our misson is to be a leader in innovative solutions for detectable and undetectable hazards at workplace

HFS Safety in Industry

Customer Feedback

HSE Manager

‘Simple use and yet helps to prevent hands contact. with the material thus assuring no injuries. Workers use it easily as it is an easy application to use’

A barge captain

‘It is designed very well. Robust and functional with hook for grabbing and wide tip for pushing.

Purchase Manager

no hand and finger safety related injuries ever since” and that ‘’NET’s Specialised Safety Hand Tools have prevented many injuries”. And they gave us 10/10 without hesitation.

HFS can help you to improve safety in your heavy engineering operations. We are confident our solutions are easy to use and implement across all applications. Our products are of the highest quality and vouched by major industry players. Our solutions are robust and yet easy on the pocket. Do contact us today for a discussion with our experienced team.

Contact HFS today to learn more about how our hands-free solutions can help you improve safety in your heavy engineering operations. HFS is committed to helping our customers improve safety in their heavy engineering operations.

Enhancing Heavy Engineering Safety with Innovative Hands-Free Solutions.